Sculpting Featherock for Water Features

Mini Featherock Waterfall

Featherock is the perfect medium for tackling your first pond or waterfall project. It’s lightweight (which means easy to move around!), easy to carve and manipulate, doesn’t deteriorate or fade like fake stone, and it’s a beautiful natural pumice stone!

Pond Trade Magazine has a great article about stone carving, which happens to feature some of our Featherock boulders.

Safety first! Be sure to wear eye, skin, and inhalation protection when working with Featherock. Pumice is made up of volcanic glass, which can cut your skin.

By using hammers, chisels, rasps, and other common hand tools, Featherock can be shaped and sculpted into a simple tabletop waterfall or a large custom landscape feature! You can also simply place Featherock in its natural form to create an edge around a pond or accents near a water feature.

Read the full article HERE.

Photo courtesy of Peter Gonzalez of Relaxing Decor