Featherock for the holidays…

Yes, Featherock is a landscaping stone, but no, it doesn’t always have to be used that way! Featherock is the perfect compliment to your rustic holiday decorating schemes. Motifs such as modern farmhouse or rustic cabin are very popular right now, and Featherock fits right in to these warm, homey styles.

Rustic Holiday Decor

Image credit: B Lovely Events, House to Home UK, Nina Hendrick, Decor Advisor, The House of Smiths, Digs Digs, Rooms for Rent Blog, House of Hawthornes.

Pair a Featherock boulder or planter with some winter greenery such as a miniature pine tree, juniper, or rosemary topiary. You can dress up the plants by adding some homemade wooden or vintage ornaments. Burlap or other reclaimed fabrics work very well with this type of style and can be draped around the rock or placed underneath as a runner.

Featherock, being a natural stone, works very well with other natural elements such as birch twigs, animal figurines, natural holiday wreaths, and more. Be creative!


Happy Holidays!