Kokedama with Featherock – DIY

Kokedama Moss Balls

Kokedama is a Japanese DIY phenomenon featuring a tightly packed ball of earth wrapped in moss and string. A Kokedama will allow you to display a ‘living planter’ in your home! Neat! These little plant balls add interest and whimsy to any space, particularly a study or office with low light since moss prefers a shady environment. Any plant that likes low light conditions and moisture will thrive in a Kokedama set-up, so give it a try!!

Tools + Supplies:  Peat Moss or Soil – Featherock 1/4″ gravel – Plant (Low light/moisture tolerant) – Green moss – Twine or String

Step 1: Form your earth balls using a mixture of peat moss or garden soil with 1/4″ Featherock gravel. Pack the balls tightly by adding some water so the dirt can be shaped like a clay. Depending on the size of the plant you’ve chosen your ball will be large or small enough to enclose the roots of the plant.

Step 2: Prepare the plant. Remove your chosen plant from whatever container it is in and gently remove the soil from the roots.

Step 3: Pry open a hole in the center of your ‘dirt ball’ large enough to accommodate the root ball of the plant you’ve chosen.

Step 4: Place the plant inside the hole and reshape the ball, packing the dirt around the roots to hold the plant in place.

Step 5: Place moist sheets of green moss around the dirt ball, wrapping with twine to hold the pieces in place.

Step 6: Extend the twin pieces to hang your Kokedama or place it in its desired location without hanging.

Step 7: Mist your Kokedama just enough to keep it damp, but not wet.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of: 4bestgard.blogspot.qa & http://www.homedit.com/string-planters/