Drip Irrigation Planter by Carlson Building Materials


Carlson Building Materials in Thousand Oaks, CA built some beautiful planter displays that feature a drip irrigation system. Pumice is very easy to drill into with basic masonry or hand tools – so adding drip irrigation is an easy process! Drip irrigation is a popular watering method with many benefits. It is easy to install on…

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Sculpting Featherock for Water Features

Mini Featherock Waterfall

Featherock is the perfect medium for tackling your first pond or waterfall project. It’s lightweight (which means easy to move around!), easy to carve and manipulate, doesn’t deteriorate or fade like fake stone, and it’s a beautiful natural pumice stone! Pond Trade Magazine has a great article about stone carving, which happens to feature some…

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Featherock on Things Green KLCS


Our friends at Things Green put together a fantastic couple of DIY segments on our Featherock garden planters, boulders, and gravel, and we are so excited to share! Featherock encourages our customers to have fun with our rock and take on DIY projects like these, so what better way to learn than from the garden…

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