Sierra Artisan™ Planters

 The Treasure of the High Sierras – One-of-a-kind pumice planters for the garden…


Original Garden Planters

-Available by the pallet.

-Featherock Planters are an innovative way to incorporate natural rock in your garden or house without the hassle of heavy lifting. At 1/4 the weight of granite, pumice has the advantage of natural, one-of-a-kind beauty while still being a manageable weight.

-There are two families of the Sierra Artisan™ Garden Planter. The first line is our original Garden Planters that come crated and in four different sizes ranging from a small single hole planter to a large three hole planter. Our most popular option is a “mixed” crate which contains a variety of the different sizes.


•FRP-36: 6-12″, 5-15 lbs

•FRP-24: 12-18″, 20-35 lbs

•FRP-2HOLE: 18-24″, 30-40 lbs

•FRP-3HOLE: 24-36″, 40-60 lbs





-Minimum order 50 pcs. Shipped UPS Ground.

-The second line is our Mini Planters, which were designed for Tillandsia (air plants) and mini-succulents. These planters come in two variations, a single hole planter made from a 4-6″ rock or a double hole planter made from a 6-8″ rock. Each hole is hand drilled and measures 1.5″ across and 0.75″ deep.




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