Art accessible to all! The carvings of Jim Heltsley.

Jim Heltsley - Featherock Carvings

Jim Heltsley is a fantastic artist based out of Ventura, CA who carves many types of natural stone but loves to carve with Featherock. Surrounded by many talented artists at Art City, an artists’ space in downtown Ventura, Jim’s workshop and “store front” is straight through the entrance of the lot. There, you will find expertly smooth carved marbles in yellows and purples, as well as our most popular Silver Grey and Charcoal pumice.

He prefers to carve faces – which you will find many of in our pumice – but he also carves fish, lizards, and abstract shapes. Jim wants to produce accessible art that a visitor could easily load into their car and place into their garden, and he has certainly succeeded. Featherock pumice is naturally lightweight, which is why Jim is able to sell so many carvings to passersby as they browse Art City. We really appreciate the love Jim Heltsley has given to the Featherock heritage, Thank You!

You can contact Jim Heltsley at (206) 200-2403 for more information. Art City Studios is located at 197 Dubbers St., Ventura, CA 93001