Customizing Featherock Planters by Olivia


Our planters are great as gifts, sprucing up a drab landscape, or decorating inside the home for a unique, rustic look, but did you know you can also go an extra step and customize them to your liking?

Just by using masonry drill bits, or even old dull drill bits, you can scoop out the existing pre-made hole to customize Featherock planters and create even more possibility. By hollowing out the rock even more, you can create fairy gardens, terrariums, or succulent arrangements inside the planter with ease.

Be sure to wear eye and inhalation protection when customizing Featherock.

I started with our 4-6″ single hole mini planter that has a small 1.5″ diameter hold made for displaying an air plant. I then used a 1″ SpeedBor drill bit to expand the hole and create a bowl-like shape that followed the edge of the rock.


Almost any drill bit will cut through pumice like butter, so be sure to use controlled motions as to not drill directly through the stone. This larger hole allowed me to plant larger succulents in a smaller rock. I even added a small drain hole by using a regular drill bit to push through the bottom of the rock.

Now, choose your favorite plants to add to the rock. I chose Echeveria ‘Perle von Nurnberg’ – one of the prettiest succulents in my opinion – along with some Donkey Tail, Sempervivum, and Sedum.

And voila! Miniature pumice planters perfect for your desk at work or in a small gardenscape. The same process can be used on any sized planter. Have fun!